Vincent Van Gogh | A Legacy of Light After Sadness

The short life of artist Vincent Willem van Gogh spun across the Netherlands, England, Belgium, and France in just 37 years. Sensitive, struggling with mental illness, rebellious, and declared dangerous to the public, he bounced from job to job, at last deciding to become an artist without any formal training when he reached 27.

Ten years later, he was dead. It’s a tale of a tragic life, with gritty details, and the ironic epilogue of his fame arriving after his death. Today, he’s associated with his brightly colored images of sunflowers, irises, and vibrating landscapes. There was sweetness at the heart of Van Gogh’s work, a desire to bring joy and comfort to the viewer that perhaps carried through from an early stint as a minister of the Church of Belgium. As we move into the season of sunflowers, let’s focus on the piercing beauty of his work, and how it still adds to the lives of those who enjoy it in everything from multi-media experiences to mosaic wall art.