Basic Products That We Need During the Quarantine in Lebanon

Getting essentials during the lockdown can be challenging since you aren't allowed to leave at home, and some businesses can be closed. Even if you manage to get a quarantine pass to move around the city, it can pose a danger on your part. There is a risk that you may get the Coronavirus, and it can cause medical complications not only for you but your family.

The good news is there is still an excellent way to order essentials from the best online shopping websites in Lebanon. If you are in need of baby clothes, hygiene products, workout equipment, household items, pet treats, or groceries, then do not hesitate to grab the opportunity to shop at Amazon in Lebanon. Save yourself from the hassle of lining up in local stores and pay conveniently online. You no longer need to go outside just to buy these essentials. Below is a list of essentials or Coronavirus products that you can shop online in Lebanon.


1. Joy Mangano Miracleclean Multi surface Disinfectant & Cleanser

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Having clean spaces at home should be a top priority, which is why you have to take hold of this product. It can help you disinfect the different areas in your house to ensure that your family is safe from the virus. It is proven to kill 99.99% of household germs in an instant! Keep in mind that this disinfectant or cleanser is everything you need to wipe out bacteria in your home. It is a must-have if you have children or elderly living in your premises.


2. TOMSHOO 5-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

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Getting fit during the lockdown is difficult, especially if you are fond of going to the gym. You may not have a high motivation to get moving at home. To make things easier on your part, be sure to buy the 5-in-1 Home Workout Equipment. The product comes with five items, which you can use to get started in having a healthy lifestyle.


3. AmazonBasics Cotton Hand Towels - Pack of 12

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Towels are always useful at home, which is why it is crucial to buy new ones regularly. You have to choose a brand that is known for manufacturing or distributing high-quality towels such as Amazon basics. The towels are known for having a soft fabric. This product comes in twelve and has a size of 26 x 16 inches. You are going to love this product because it allows you to save big on your purchases!


4. Pretty Things: A Novel

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If you are a big fan of reading interesting materials, then be sure to take hold of this novel from Janelle Brown. Pretty Things is about two women who have different personalities and goals in life. One of them is an heiress, while the other one has a simple life. Their paths crossed due to a scam, and it has been a life full of adventures since then! This book also made it to the list of #1 New York Best Sellers.  


5. Purina Alpo Tbonz Filet Mignon Flavor Dog Treats

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As a pet lover, there is nothing that brings joy in your heart, such as seeing your beloved puppy receive some treats! You can still get food items for your dog from Purina Alpo. This product is packaged at 40 Ounce Canister, and it contains steak-shaped dog treats. Take note that this item is made with real beef. For sure, it will be satisfying for your pet to gobble on these treats at home! 

Do not miss your chance to shop for the best essentials from Amazon. If you are asking the question, Does Amazon Ship to Lebanon, the answer to this is a BIG YES. You can even avail of shopping and shipping services from for a better experience. There are tons of shipping packages to choose from!