About Us

Who is the Shipped.io team?

A team of enthusiastic and determined young adults living in Lebanon came together to come up with a way to improve the online shopping experience locally.

We understood the struggle and decided to do something about it to help our fellow Lebanese citizens facing a similar situation. We continuously strive to facilitate the shopping process and minimize delivery time with our trusted service for the ultimate experience!

What is Shipped.io?

Shipped.io is the easiest way to shop Amazon! Giving you the ultimate online shopping experience, we provide you with access to more than 350 million products on the one and only Amazon, in addition to any US website, with the best shipping rates and different payment options. 

With Shipped.io, you can easily buy unique products that you may not find in Lebanon or that are too expensive locally from the biggest retailers in the world.

Why Shipped.io?

Quick, Easy, and Reliable delivery service.

We know how complicated online shopping can get, especially when it comes to shipping items to Lebanon from abroad. This is exactly why we decided to make your lives much easier and cut the process short for the Lebanese shoppers.
Instead of waiting for your relative/friend to come from the US, you simply need to wait for around 2 weeks to receive ANY item you want from Amazon US, or any other US Website.
We have a US Shipping address exclusive for Shipped.io members, and an extension that allows you to add products through Amazon US, and automatically calculates the final price (including Amazon Price, Shipping Cost, Customs Fees, & VAT). Also, you can enjoy a much smoother shopping experience on our Shipped.io app.


Shipped.io is the ultimate solution for Lebanese shoppers who want to ship products from Amazon without having to worry about customs and shipping taxes. Our mission is to offer you the widest variety of high-quality products, all purchased from premium suppliers, at very affordable prices and fast delivery time. We aim to cut the middle man and allow you to go through the shopping experience yourself, and therefore establish a relationship with Shipped.io. This online service is committed to captivate local shoppers with a great selection of products and facilitate online shopping in Lebanon.