Late for Shopping? Explore The Best Gift Cards for Valentine's Day

Shopping for Valentine's Day is not everyone's cup of tea at the moment with everything going on in Lebanon. Also, online shopping in Lebanon can be a challenge when you have access to anything through And you just don't know what to gift your partner. We did the research for you and we chose the best gift cards that you can't miss. Trust us you can't go wrong with these ones and you can claim them immediately. 

These gift cards are perfect for Valentine's Day and can be used for any online shopping spree on Amazon! 

Gift Cards for HER

1. Victoria's Secret

Image Source: Amazon
Whether it is cute lingerie or her favorite perfume, we all know that Victoria's Secret is one of her best places to shop from. This gift card can be any amount you choose starting at 25$!

2. Sephora

Image Source: Amazon

Who doesn't love some make up and some cosmetics to up our skin care routine. We all know that Sephora is a heaven when it comes to all the brands we can think of. Similar to other gift cards, this one allows you to purchase anything you want from Sephora for your online shopping adventure. Before gifting this to your partner, you can charge it with a value of 25$ and above. 

3. Bath & Body Works 

Image Source: Amazon
This beloved shop has become far fetched in Lebanon due to its insane prices just like everything else. And with the increasing stress, we all need a relaxing bath or some self care routine with some relaxing moisturizers. Gift her this card for the value of 25$ or more and you're good to go.

4. Kirkland 

Image Source: Amazon

 While being stuck at home during this endless lockdown, there's nothing better than adjusting our spaces and routine. Whether we want to decorate, buy new vitamins, or buy anything we need, Kirkland is the place you need. Don't worry, we are her for you with online shopping in Lebanon! Your loved one can use this gift card for anything she needs!

5. H&M

Image Source: Amazon

We were all devastated by the news of this beloved store closing down. Understandable. It had everything we needed from A to Z. Now, how about you surprise her with the one thing she doesn't expect?!


Gift Cards for HIM

1. Foot Locker 

Image Source: Amazon

Who doesn't need new shoes? And with the current lockdown, skyrocketing prices, and nothing being available in the market, brands closing down, there's nothing we can do, right? Wrong! Get him this gift card and get him closer to buying his favorite shoes. 

2. Apple

Image Source: Amazon

The most loved brand on Earth, and he will sure love a gift card from it. Whether he needs air pods, a tablet pen or anything else, here's your chance to draw a smile on his face.

3. Amazon Gift Card

Image Source: Amazon

Because Amazon is the best our there when it comes to online shopping and getting everything you need, a gift card is the easiest thing you can get. An Amazon gift card will grant your loved one access to millions of products.

4. Columbia Sportswear

Image Source: Amazon

It seems like all we have been wearing lately is sportswear. There's nothing better than comfort. Who doesn't love this brand and the various designs they have?

5. Cold Stone Creamery

Image Source: Amazon

Never underestimate the power of good ice cream. Buy your loved one a gift card to use when the lockdown is lifted.


So, if you are late to the gift shopping party, online shopping in Lebanon is your way to go for these gift cards, and many more. Simply, whatsapp us on 76 444 544 to order your card for any desired value.