The Coronavirus Pandemic: Products To Get You Through

COVID-19 has been labeled as a pandemic by the WHO. Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be slowing down unless each and everyone follows the advised precaution hygiene measures. As the number of cases is significantly rising in Lebanon, quarantine is around the corner, hopefully, and prices of relevant products are soaring unfortunately. 

During such stressful times, many of us are more likely to focus on de-stressing activities like reading, self care, watching Netflix, or online shopping. With our service, a whole new world of shopping from Amazon US and other US websites, delivered to your doorstep with the utmost care and hygiene measures. 

Let’s discover some products that you can stock up and support your hygiene measures amid these challenging times.

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap (Family Size)

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A vital method of protection is washing your hands for 20 seconds at least on a regular basis. Most importantly, since coronavirus is transmitted through droplets from infected individuals or through surfaces, washing hands every time there’s a contact and every 20 mins is advised.


2. Dial Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

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Now antibacterial hand soap is not proven to provide an advantage over regular hand soap in coronavirus protection. But, the psychological assurance the antibacterial gives is surely priceless. It provides that extra relief in times when stress is skyrocketing.


3. Disposable Medical Masks 

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This is a must when you are forced to go out to a public place, perhaps to stock up on groceries or to go on a mandatory visit. These face masks will prevent the virus droplets from having access to your body considering the main way of transmission is through inhalation. These are very helpful when you are forced to interact with people with weak immunity like elderly.



4. Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit

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When being in coronavirus quarantine, accidents are highly probable. And you’ll definitely need a first aid kit to provide immediate care. Especially when drug stores and supermarkets are likely to be stormed into by people who want to stock up on many items.


5. Hand Sanitizer 

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We are all guilty of obsessively sanitizing our hands lately. It is part of the unavoidable COVID-19 panic that we all need to turn down a notch for our own sake. However, that doesn’t mean that this step isn’t helpful. And since we can’t seem to find hand sanitizers anywhere, it is best to order them online before it is too late.


6. Books, Books & Books! 

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We need the entertainment, and to take our mind off of this pandemic. We don’t know when this situation will be over, so we better stock up on our favorite read. If you haven’t been up to date with the latest best sellers and releases, here’s the NY Times list of bestsellers sorted by genre.


7. Dead Sea Mud Mask

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You might find this as an intruder to this list, but, small acts of self care are vital during the stressful times of coronavirus. This New York Biology mask is an Amazon’s Choice product, which means it’s voted by Amazon as one of the top products. When you purchase this, you are guaranteed to receive the best blackhead, acne, and oily skin care you’ll ever receive!


8. Doom Eternal PS4 Game

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Another means of giving your brain a much needed break is through video games. Now don’t become a zombie or a couch potato in the process, but enjoy a healthy dose of the virtual world. Remember, movement is essential to support and strengthen the immune system.  

These chosen items are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shopping your mind off of the stress of coronavirus or COVID-19. And if simply shopping is your way to de-stress, then many amazing purchases are just a click away! 

Always keep in mind that we are handling your orders with the utmost care in relevance to hygiene measures. And according to WHO, the virus survives on inanimate surfaces for 2 hours to 9 days. Hence, by the time your order is delivered, the threat is clear. Also, our drivers are well informed and are following the WHO protocols. So, don’t add online shopping to the list of things you need to protect yourself from or overthink.

Now what will you be ordering?