Why Choose Shipped.io on Black Friday 2019 and Beyond?

Shopping on Black Friday can place a dent in your bank account if you don’t shop smartly. Also, the current turmoil in Lebanon with the revolution and the deteriorating economic situation needs to be taken into consideration. That's why, choosing the best websites and the best deals is crucial, especially when shopping from Amazon and USA websites to Lebanon. On Black Friday 2019 through Cyber Monday, We will give you access to the real USA Black Friday. We want you to have the best experience money can buy, literally. As always, let’s discover how is that possible with Shipped.io.


What Is Shipped.io?

If you are new here, you might be wondering what Shipped.io is all about. Shipped.io is your go to way to shop from Amazon and any other USA website all the way to Lebanon. At Shipped.io, we grant you access to more than 3 million products at the best shipping rates and with different payment options. 

Online shopping shipped.io

In addition, we guide you throughout your shopping experience to ensure that you select and enjoy the best products in the market. Despite the current situation in Lebanon, shopping through our service guarantees many benefits. Let’s uncover them together!


Why Choose Shipped.io? 

The Best Shipping Rates in the Market 

Market rates

When we say best, it is NOT just a marketing term to grab your attention. We have the best and cheapest shipping rates in the market by 40%. Because we know you want all the details, you might be wondering what does "shipping rate” include. It includes custom fee, VAT, and the shipping cost from USA. The latter is split into shipping within the USA, from the USA to Lebanon and within Lebanon. As you can see, it is the extremely reasonable and accurate. Keep in mind that that the shipping cost varies per item depending on its weight and dimensions. It is that simple!


The Capital Control Limit Doesn’t Exist

Banks are limiting the amount Lebanese shoppers can pay in USD using cards when shopping externally. This might make you cancel your shopping spree. Now, don’t hold that thought. It doesn’t mean you need to stop shopping. After all, we all need a breather. 

With Shipped.io, we buy items for you using our dollar account without any worries about limits. We are the middleman who makes things way easier. So, don’t let anything halt your shopping anymore. 


A Fair Dollar Exchange Rate 

The economic and financial situation in Lebanon keeps getting worse. That’s a fact. Currently the rate is 2200 L.L. As you read this article, the exchange rate is increasing. On the other hand, it you want to support the Lebanese Lira, you can when you shop. You can pay for items in cash by visiting our offices, or upon delivery in Lebanese pounds. To keep things fair for either ends, our dollar exchange rate is 1600 L.L. So, 1600 L.L. = 1 USD.

We understand the current situation, and we don't take advantage of our customers. Surely, if you are a repetitive customer you already know that we disclose the rate before order confirmation, or upon being asked. No surprises when it comes to paying for your items whatsoever. We make sure that you know the details of the payment and the final price of the items delivered to your door. 


Fast Delivery to Any Address in Lebanon

Throughout the past 40+ days, we all suffered with delivery services. From food, to online shopping, we heard the phrase “ roads are blocked” constantly. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t exist in our book. As a matter of fact, we never stopped delivering during the revolution, and we never will.

Delivery in Lebanon

Your items will always make their way to you no matter what. Why? Because we all know the excitement associated with online shopping and the wait is deadly. Most importantly, because we have an amazing delivery team that will deliver no matter the situation.  


Customer Service that Actually Helps

The heroes behind every order. Our customer service team makes sure satisfaction is at every level. Firstly, the team will help you place your order. Based on their experience, they will recommend the best product or brand and deals within a certain category. Just share the link of any desired item, and they take it from there. Second, while finalizing and confirming the order, they help you facilitate the payment at your convenience. Thirdly, the items get delivered at a time of your choice between 9 AM and 6 PM. 

Customer service

In addition, out team will support you if the product is damaged or problematic. We will contact the seller, return the product, and get a good one instead.

Assistance after the order is received and definitely for the next order is always there. Moreover, for many of us, we can only shop after leaving work. Even then, all your questions will be answered until 1 AM. Just contact us on 76 444 544, or on Instagram or Facebook.


Fast Shipping from USA 

Shipping from US to Lebanon

“ Why not?” is the question we all should be asking here. Opting to ship through Shipped.io will guarantee a fast and stress free shipping experience from the USA. You’ll receive your order within two weeks post ordering only! Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about dealing with Lebanese customs. We all know how that tedious process goes. We wish upon no one, but we’ll gladly take the burden off of your shoulders. 


More than 350 Million Items at Your Disposal

Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Costco, Saksoff5th, Nike, Nordstromrack, and many more. You can shop from any USA website, and we’ll take care of the rest. A recipe of online shops that ensures you shop till you drop. And save money at the same time.


So to put this plainly, all your interests are "shoppable" from US websites all the way to Lebanon. 


User Friendly App and Extension 

Sometimes, we just desire zero human contact, especially when shopping. It becomes a personal comfort. Also, many of us like to stay on top of things ourselves. Which is why we created a Shipped.io app that allows to shop on Amazon at your own pace and leisure. Download it here or using play store, or App store. And if you prefer to shop via desktop, there’s also a browser extension at your disposal. 


Shipped.io app


Now let’s start with shopping. Black Friday 2019 is a few hours away and we are also here to recommend the best sellers that will make the perfect holiday gift list. Which one is your favorite? Let’s know in the comments below. And if you have any questions, ask away!