Why Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Shipped.io?

We all could use a huge sale right now, especially with the situation of the country. We reached a point where a sale is needed to let off some steam and enjoy a shopping trip. Luckily, Black Friday 2020 in Lebanon is here. Now you can shop from Amazon US and any other US websites. And here’s why you shouldn’t miss the yearly sales event. From Friday November 27th till Sunday 29th, Black Friday is here.

Lebanon is out of Stock 

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As you are surely noticing, the Lebanese market is low on stock. Not only that, but the latest trends are a vision from a dream lately. That’s why shopping online from the US is what we all need. And you don’t have to worry about the payment as you can pay in LBP. From clothes, to shoes, electronics, kitchenware, home-ware, to anything you can think of, we bring the newest items to your doorstep. 

Shopping Purge When Everything is Cheap

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Take the opportunity to get everything you need. On sales, we often forget the fact that it is always a great idea to benefit from discounts to shop for essentials and more. This Black Friday, you’ll have access to a variety of products of any type and price range.  

The Best Websites for Black Friday Shopping

1. Amazon

The website that started it all. Amazon has anything and everything you need with a variety of millions of items. And now you can access these items in Lebanon through our service Shipped.io

2. Etsy

Etsy is the house of the perfect handmade gifts, vintage and modern clothes, jewelry and many more handmade goodies. Buying anything from etsy will make your items and gifts much more special. Lucky for you, Etsy has joined the Black Friday sales and the shops on the platform have amazing deals. 

3. Adidas


Clothes and shoes for any sports from Adidas are one of the best. The sports giant has amazing deals on Black Friday every year. This year you might want to dive heads on into the US website and grab your favorite ensemble right away. You never know, you might get your hands on some IVY Park x Adidas items!

4. Nordstrom

Shop online for shoes, clothing, jewelry, dresses, makeup and more from top brands. Nordstrom is a well known brand with endless elegant designs which will revive your style. It isn’t only about clothes, you can shop many beauty items and fragrances with one click.

5. The Vitamin Shoppe 

Whatever you need from vitamins to supplements including protein powder, you’ll find it at The Vitamin Shoppe. This online store has all the brands that you love in addition to beauty and skin care products. All in one place at your disposal this Black Friday.

6. Nike

Nike is a famous international brand that has been recognized, not only for the industry of athletes but even for fashion lovers. You can shop for clothing items or shoes from this high-end brand. The Nike shoe prices in Lebanon's physical stores may cost much more than the price from online stores. To top it all, the Nike shipping to Lebanon is also fast and affordable.

7. Walmart

Shopping everyday items for the lowest prices is now possible through Walmart. And guess what? You can shop and ship from Walmart US to Lebanon through Shipped.io. From electronics to drugstore beauty products, homeware and kitchenware. Whatever you need, you can find at Walmart. 

8. Apple 

Apple has been proven to be a top leader in bringing smartphones that are full of best features. As such, it is not a surprise that several people prefer this brand over the other competitors in the market. If you are interested in getting a new phone for yourself or for a loved one, be sure to go for iPhone Lebanon.

9. Walgreens

Want to revive your health? Walgreens is your destination. If you are looking for a prescription medication, vitamins, skincare and beauty products, then it is the right website for you. 

10. Sephora

Who doesn’t know Sephora, the heaven of personal care and beauty products. All the cosmetics brands, fragrances and beauty tools that you forever dreamed of are all in one place. 

Christmas Shopping 

You might be considering buying all your Christmas gifts this Black Friday. We are here to tell you that it is the smartest thing you can do. You can benefit from amazing discounts, buy unique gifts all the way from the US, and receive them on time! Our list of the most loved online shops should be a good starting point.

These are the most loved online shopping destinations brought to you from the US.Which one is on your shopping list this Black Friday? Don’t forget, the sale starts on Friday November 27th till Monday November 30th and our customer service team will be available to order your items until 1 am every day. We require deposits to secure your order on the spot, so prepare your shopping lists beforehand and enjoy!