Why Shop with Shipped.io?

If you have been following the news about Lebanon, you will quickly find out that the country is currently experiencing a financial crisis. This economic situation has caused inconvenience and hardship to Lebanese people. Because of this crisis, Lebanon will not be able to pay its euro bonds. Another effect is the continued increase in the dollar exchange rate. This financial crisis in the country has also resulted in an increase of prices for all commodities, while the salaries of the working class have been decreased. 


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Regardless of the existence of these problems, Shipped.io chose to lessen the burden experienced by the Lebanese. As such, we have exercised conscious efforts to ensure that our products are not overpriced. Our main goal is to continue helping Lebanese shoppers gain access to authentic products without spending too much money. Take note choosing to shop US in Lebanon to get branded items will benefit you in the long run. It will allow you to get your favorite items that are expected to last for a long time. The lifespan will be higher if you shop for authentic brands at one of the best online shopping websites Lebanon

For the rest of this article, allow us to provide you with a list of reasons why you must shop and ship with us. Our company takes pride in providing an excellent shopping and shipping service for various Lebanese shoppers. 


Why Do You Need To Shop With Us?

1. Cheaper And More Affordable Items


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If there is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors, it is the fact that our prices are highly affordable. As a matter of fact, we allow people to shop online in Lebanon for great items that come at discounted prices. You can get hold of your favorite items from authentic brands at prices that are 25% cheaper or lower than the average market price. Therefore, shoppers like you can enjoy more savings. You can spend these savings on other essential items!


2. Unlimited Online Shopping


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Online shopping is a great way to take your stress away. The more you go through retail therapy, the happier you become. With Shipped.io, you can enjoy unlimited online shopping on Amazon in Lebanon. One of our great features is our ability to use our cards and dollars to pay for all orders coursed through our website. There is absolutely no limit to your shopping spree! You can reward yourself for a job well done or for completing a certain project successfully. All you have to do is to shop online! Take note that recognizing your success is highly important.


3. 100% Authentic and Original Items


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As an online shopper, one of the challenges that you may face is getting hold of a counterfeit or fake product. It can be devastating to find out that you paid for something that is not original. In order to avoid this situation from happening, be sure to shop with us as we can provide a high guarantee that all the items you will purchase are 100% authentic and original. Many clients can give testimony about this matter. 


 4. Personal Shoppers Available For You


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One of the challenges of shopping for items online is being indecisive about what you can get. Since there are tons of items available, it can be confusing which ones to choose. Do not worry about this because here at Shipped.io; we have personal shoppers who can give assistance to all our clients. These personal shoppers are ready to provide excellent service from 9AM to 1AM. They can help you decide on what items to get for a particular occasion or make a recommendation based on your needs.


5. Fast Delivery


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Shipped.io has become the top choice of several shoppers in Lebanon because of the fast delivery service that we provide to everyone. Amazon Shipping to Lebanon takes only two to three weeks, depending on present circumstances. If you are planning to buy an authentic product and wish to receive it as soon as possible, you can always rely on our company to help you make it happen. All online orders are shipped immediately and kept secure until it is completely delivered to the recipient. 


Indeed, there are tons of benefits available when it comes to shopping through Shipped.io.