COVID-19 Update & Precautions

We’re happy to let you know that we are still operating despite the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic. Rest assured, we are following the MOH announcement of quarantine/social distancing, most of our team is working remotely from the safety of their homes until further notice. And we would like to share a few updates and details in that regard.

Shipments and Orders 

  1. Shipments are still coming in for new orders, and ones made previous to the lockdown regulations. 
  2. A shipment needs an average of 10 days to be received in our Beirut office.
  3. We are applying precautions with great care. Everything including delivery bags is being sanitized and cleaned accordingly 

Please note that according to the WHO, Covid-19 doesn’t survive on objects or items for more than  4 hours - 72 hours. So, by the time you receive your orders, the virus (if existent) is long gone. 

Customer Service

  1. Our customer service team is still receiving & processing your orders from the safety of their homes. They are replying to your concerns as usual via emails, socials, & WhatsApp 76 444 544 from 9 am till 1 am from Monday till Friday, from 9 am till 9 pm on Saturday, and from 9 am till 6 pm on Sunday. 
  2. The team will still notify you when orders are received and organize their deliveries accordingly as usual.


Our drivers, and logistics team are applying precautions religiously. Delivery bags are being sanitized, and drivers are sanitizing their hands periodically, wearing masks and gloves. 

Please rest assured that we are taking extreme hygiene precautions to make sure that your items arrive to you safely and efficiently. Online shopping is a stress relief during such challenging times, and we believe it’s our responsibility to keep it going safely.


Stay Home & Stay Safe!