Painting Essentials: The Best Products to Expand Your Creativity

During these trying times, you may have noticed an influx of people showcasing their baking, cooking, sewing, and painting skills online. These activities are primarily geared towards chasing away boredom. But on the flip side, engaging in such creative activities has a positive impact on your mental health. 

According to experts, engaging in creative activities can act as a buffer against anxiety and stress. Painting can especially help you speak to yourself and take charge of the situation. However, to yield these benefits, you have to invest in the best painting products. 

Luckily, you can get these painting essentials from online shopping websites in Lebanon. Below are some art painting supplies you should consider, and that will improve your quarantine experience. 

1. Soucolor Acrylic Paint Brush Set

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For any painting project, you will need quality paintbrushes to get the job done. And for the best results, you'll need different sizes. Unfortunately, purchasing different paintbrush sizes can be expensive. 

Because of this, Soucolor designed a 10-piece value pack. This paintbrush set features all-purpose brushes that you can use with oil, enamel, watercolor, acrylic, cel-vinyl, and Gouache painting. Each brush has durable bristles, a wooden handle, and nickel ferrules.

Moreover, they are easy to maintain. All you need to do is clean them with soapy water and air-dry them. 

2. Darice White Plastic Oblong Palette

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For fine art painting, you need to mix and hold the different colors you use in one place. The best tool for this is a well palette.

The Darice plastic well Palette has ten wells and a beautiful oblong shape. It is sturdy, washable, and perfect for crafters, kids, and fine artists. And if your fine art requires a lot more color, you'll benefit from the 20-well palette. 

3. Acrylic Paint Set

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Acrylic paint is by far the most versatile and less toxic paint in the market. The beauty of this paint is that it is water-soluble when it's wet and when it dries, it creates a flexible and water-resistant surface onto which you can add new layers of paint without messing with the layers underneath. 

This acrylic paint set has twelve vibrant colors that you can use on fabric, ceramic, wood, and canvas. It is an ideal kit for professional creatives, students, and beginners as well.

NB: every set comes with three free paintbrushes. 

4. Canvas Panel Pack

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Canvas panels are popular in the painting world. Painters love them because they are receptive to paintbrushes and are durable. 

This panel set comes with 12 canvas panels, each measuring 8x10 inches. The panels come primed and ready to paint, which adds to their convenience. 

5. Piece Palette Knife

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A palette knife comes in handy when applying a clean patch of color onto a canvas or even over a dry layer of paint. The knife allows you to swipe the paint onto your canvas with smooth motions – much like the motions of a baker when they are frosting cakes. 

This set of painting knives are made from stainless steel, has a beautiful handle, and can be used on various surfaces and paints. 


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