Online Shopping and Shipping for Businesses with

During challenging times in Lebanon, we have noticed that businesses are struggling to import new items and stock up on old ones. At, we wanted to support local businesses and make it a tad easier to shop online and ship from US websites. 

For businesses from all industries, our efficient and cost effective shopping and shipping service will cater to all your needs. Through, you can order items from Amazon US and any other US website and benefit from a special discount on customs and VAT costs for each item ordered!

From office supplies, to car parts, scales, beauty products, fashion accessories and clothes, to anything you need to keep your customers happy are just a click away.

How Does It Work?

Our customer service team will assist you all the way until you receive your order. You will benefit from the assistance of our personal shopping experts. The team will provide advice on the best products, efficient sellers, and the best offers online.

All you need to do is place your order via WhatsApp 76 444 544 by simply sending us the link(s) of the desired items. We price the items for you, and provide a final delivery cost including shipping, customs and VAT. No surprising charges at all. 

Once the order is confirmed, it needs 2-3 weeks to be delivered to your business. 

Benefit From Our Sea Freight Service 

If the business is in need of bulky and heavy items, and you'd like to benefit from better rates, our sea fright shopping and shipping service is at your disposal. Through this service, you can order the same way and orders will be delivered to you within 8 weeks.