Sea Freight: Your Way to Shop & Ship Anything to Lebanon

Ever loved a piece of furniture that you couldn't find in Lebanon? Or did you fancy an ATV that you wanted to customize on your own but that wasn't possible locally? We bring you our Sea Freight Service! We are always committed to providing better options for your shopping and shipping ventures.

Our Sea Freight Shipping service is available now to offer an additional shipping option at a lower rate compared to our Air freight. You can now shop and ship heavier items at lower rates. Now you can shop furniture, car parts, items by bulk, and much more!

How Does it Work?

If you want to ship bulky items and save a few dollars, you can do so easily! Our minimum shipping weight through the sea freight service is 20 kg. For an order that weighs between 20 kg and 100 kg, the shipping cost is 5$/kg. Of course, the shopping process of the item(s) needs to be processed through our team. If you want to save up, bundle up your items in order and save 50% on a kg for orders above 100 kg! 

When Will I Receive my Item(s)?

Since we are shipping in containers by sea, and the items are bulky, the delivery time is a bit longer than Air Freight. You will receive your items 8 weeks after an order is placed!

What About Customs and VAT?

We all worry about customs and VAT when we purchase anything online to Lebanon. The customs can often pose a huge surprise! When you shop and ship with us, through sea or air freight, you receive the full delivery charge of the item including VAT and customs before order confirmation. No surprises whatsoever! 

Through sea freight shipping, VAT is 11%, and it's charged at a dollar exchange rate of 1500 lbp. Moreover, the customs associated with your order/item(s) depend on the nature of the product, and is determined on a case by case basis.

How to Order through Sea Freight Shipping?

Our customer service team is more than happy to help you shop and ship through our sea freight service via WhatsApp 76 444 544!