Amazon Prime Day is Coming & Here's What You Need to Know


As every year, Amazon Prime is having its annual sale on October 13th at 10 am and 15th at 10 am for 48 hours, and we are going to tell you how to take advantage of this sale in Lebanon. 


What is Amazon Prime? 

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program from Amazon that gives users access to additional services otherwise unavailable or available at a premium to regular Amazon customers. Services include same, one or two-day delivery. That being said, you don't have to worry about the subscription! We pay it on your behalf through our account, and you can benefit from faster delivery, better deals and an annual sale!

This year Amazon Prime Day falls on from October 13th 10 am till October 15th 10 am Beirut time. Our customer service team will do their best to grasp the best deals for you asap before they're gone. 

How Can You Benefit From This Day?


The smart way to shop during Amazon Prime Day in Lebanon is to keep you eye on Amazon's own devices and private labels. So your main focus should be on Amazon Basics and electronics. This has also been observed from past Prime Days. Deals on headphones, speakers, laptops, 4K TVs, and small kitchen appliances like the Instant Pot are also available.

Although Amazon doesn't announce many deals before the start of the sale, you can still add some products to your wish-list to be prepared. Check out Amazon's gift guide hub, which launched this week — the earliest it's ever launched. Always remember to focus on the products when buying through us.

Besides, Amazon increases the sales on items leading up to the big day such as  SOUL true wireless earbuds

What Kind of Deals You can Find on This Day?

You'll find all of Amazon's Prime Day deals on this Amazon page once the event begins. As previously mentioned the deals will be on anything from A to Z and you need to keep an eye on EVERYTHING!

Other Early Amazon Prime Deals to Grasp Now

If you're looking for Prime Day deals you can take advantage of right now, Amazon's daily deals page is one to bookmark and check every morning. Below, check out some of the best early Prime Day deals on Amazon available now. 

Here are some products to check out:

1. Amazon Fire TV Recast


The Fire TV Recast not only makes dumb TVs smart, it also acts as a DVR, so you can record live shows and watch them later.


2. Amazon All-New Echo Dot (4th Generation)


The all-new Echo Dot releases on October 22, and you can pre-order it now.


3. Amazon All-New Fire HD 8 Plus

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is the perfect affordable family tablet for streaming movies, casual gaming, and browsing the internet.


4. Amazon All-New Fire HD 10


The Fire HD 10 tablet offers the largest display screen in Amazon's lineup and is 30% faster than older iterations. This tablet can stream movies, watch videos, play games, read the news, and navigate social media.

5. Amazon Eero 6 with Echo Dot and two Phillies Hue Bulbs



This bundle packs Amazon's latest-generation Eero mesh network, plus a bonus previous-generation Echo Dot and two Philips Hue White and Ambiance bulbs.


 How to Shop?

When shopping for Amazon Prime Day from Lebanon, keep in mind some details. Deals get sold out really fast and our customer support team will do their best to stay available and order for you 3 am each day. That being said, these deals are according to USA time, so we need to be realistic about available products . Also, keep in mind that we request a deposit (to be determined on a case by case basics) before the sale so that we can purchase your items on spot without having issues with an upfront payment. 

However, the deals are worth the wait and effort, especially with the condition of the Lebanese market at the moment: super high prices, old items, and suffocating international limits. 


So, Set your calendars, explore Amazon through our app and extension or change the location ZIP code to US, prepare your wishlists, pay your deposits by Monday 12th, save our whatsapp number 76 444 544, and download our app or extension. Let's Shop!