Some Items To Freshen up the Last Bits of Summer

When you picture the perfect summer, you envision pool parties, barbecue with family and friends, vacationing, leisure strolls on the beach and other relaxing activities. But with the 2020 COVID-19 curve-ball, this year's summer is different. 

But this doesn't mean that it should be non-existent. With a little creativity, social distancing and wearing protective masks, you can still have a blast this summer. Don't let the fear of contracting COVID-19 (though the feelings are justified) rob you of fun times this summer. 

Now, as you plan to make the most of this summer, visit Amazon in Lebanon and grab a couple of summer essentials that will brighten your day and make summer more memorable.  Below are some must-have items to get you started on that list.  

1. IcosaMro Round Beach Turtle Towel

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If your summer plans are all about spending time by the poolside, by the beach, or having romantic picnics, you'll love this microfiber turtle themed towel. It's large, soft, and thick. It can accommodate two adults or children. To top it off, it is machine washable and has a beautiful design.

2. Floral Tote

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No accessory screams summer and captures its mood like an easy grab-and-go tote bag. Whether you are throwing in sunscreen and a beach towel or a blanket and snacks for a picnic or shopping at the farmers market, a tote bag will come in handy. Of course, you earn extra points if your tote is a beauty like this one. This particular tote is functional, sturdy, and comes in many prints to suit different styles.

3. Sheln Cami Top & Jungle Leaf Shorts

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When it's summer, you know it is time to let loose and be free. The sun is finally out, and you can show some skin with cute tops and shorts. This set is not only comfortable but adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. It's perfect for a date, party, vacation, a holiday, a day at the beach, or anything else you have planned outdoors. 

4. MaaMgic Men's Swim Trunks

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Men aren't left behind either in this season. These swim trunks are made from polyester and are super comfortable. They have an elastic enclosure meaning they are a perfect fit for any size.  Aside from this, they have double side pockets that are ideal for storing keys, cell phone, wallet and other tiny items.

5. Women Straw Beach Tote Bag

Image Source: Amazon


You can never go wrong with a tote. If you don't fancy the one above, how about a lightweight, handcrafted tote? It has a classic and unique design that's guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone around you. But even if it doesn't, at least you'll be saving the earth.

6. Soludos Women's Sport Sandals

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When cruising round in the hot summer sun, you don't want to have closed shoes. Instead, you want a pair of sandals that will let your feet breathe, give you comfort and make a statement in style. And what better way to do this than with the Soludos sport sandals?

7. Havaianas Men's Hype Flip flop Sandal

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These rubber sole sandals are among the best-selling, comfortable and stylish sandals. But aside from their beauty, they are flexible and waterproof. You can wade through water with these and still walk around the grass with comfort. 

How are you preparing for your summer? Don't feel bad if you don't have it all figured out yet. Take a step at a time and prepare in advance.

Now, does Amazon ship to Lebanon? Of course, it does. It's actually among the best shopping websites in Lebanon. But despite this, you'll need some help to improve the experience. Luckily, that's what is here. We shall guide you with the shopping process and even help you make accurate calculations before completing a purchase.