Brighten Up Your Space with Green Plants

Does your home’s interior feel lifeless?  Or maybe you think one room or portion of the house could use a dash of color and life? Whichever the case, an indoor plant is the perfect solution. It will infuse life to your space and add some intrigue while keeping everything organic.   

But aside from beauty, indoor plants are great for your health. You see, plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This helps to clean your air and rid it of harmful toxins. According to a study by NASA, houseplants can rid your space of up to 87% of toxins in just 24 hours. 

More to this, they help to improve your productivity and concentration by 15%, boost your mood, and reduce stress levels. All factors considered, they are great additions for your home and your office too. 

But to do all these, you first have to give them some attention. For this, you will need some shopping on the best online shopping websites in Lebanon. To provide you with a head start and help you pull off the holiday look, below are some products to purchase. 

1. Fertilizer Spikes

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These take the guesswork and the mess from plant nutrition. They help you to ensure that your plants are healthy and growing beautifully all year round. The spikes dissolve gradually as they deliver nutrients to your plant. The spikes last for two months. During summer, you should replace a spike after 30 days and in fall and winter after 60 days. Remember to water your plants often and as your plant needs.

2. Stingmon Plant Insect Killer

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Unfortunately, most indoor plants, especially succulents, are delicate. Even worse, tiny flies, including gnats, fungus, and fruit flies, love them and eventually cause damage. If you are not fond of pesticides, you might feel helpless. 

Luckily, you don’t have to watch your plants die. With the Stingmon insect trapper and killer, you’ll protect your plants from damage. The trap killers are brightly colored and have nice designs that add beauty to the flowers. Moreover, they are odorless and non-toxic.

They are long-lasting and waterproof. You only replace them when they are fully covered in insects.

3. Plant Mister

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Tropical houseplants love high humidity. Misting will help to increase humidity levels around the plant. Without moisture, the leaves will start to brown and dry. However, misting should be done with the right tools like a plant mister to ensure you don’t overdo it. 

Depending on the plant, you’ll do it thrice a week or daily. Whichever the case, make sure you do it in the morning so that the mist dries out by night time. 

This mister is ergonomic, leak-free, and comfortable to use.

4. Succulent Plant Food

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Succulents need to feed to grow beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, they don’t get all their nutrients from the soil. You will need to supplement the soil nutrients with plant food. It is made from aloe, jade, cacti, and other common succulents. 

You can mix the food solution with water or apply it directly to the soil.

5. Neem Oil

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Neem oil is ideal as a fungicide and a pesticide. It helps to kill arthropods insects that eat plants. It is convenient and comes ready to use. The spray nozzle at the top makes it easier to spray the oil and does not create a mess. 


It’s empowering to know you can take care of your plants with ease, right? So which is your favorite plant? Are you looking to create a Christmas look in your space or keep up with the holiday fashion trends?

Whichever the case, when making your purchases online, you’ll have a better experience using, a trusted shopping and shipping service in Lebanon. We help you calculate the cost of your purchase and help you through the process when you get stuck.