Unique Products Just for Your Dog

The beauty of gift-giving is seeing the recipient’s eyes light up in joy, watching them unwrap the gift in eagerness and expectation and flip out at the sight of the thoughtful gift you’ve picked out for them. However, this is soon followed by watching them get disinterested in the gift with time. 

But with pets, the whole gift-giving process is on another level. Your pet, your best friend, will jump up with joy from the moment they get the gift and never tire of it. 

Now, if pet gifting is a new concept, you are wondering why you should do it. But the real question is, why not? 

Below is a list of unique pet gift ideas the best of USA online shopping has to offer.


1. Petcube Bites


Image Source: Amazon

Having a pet best friend is great, but it sucks having to leave it behind. Who will it play with? Will it get lonely? Who will feed it? Well, while you can get someone to spend time with your friend when you are away, it’s even better if you could communicate and feed it yourself. Petcube Bites is a watch camera that doubles as a treat dispenser. It lets you watch over your pet, talk to it and give it treats even when miles away.


2. Wickedbone Smart Bone


Image Source: Amazon

Dogs love to play, but unfortunately, you are not always in the mood. On the days you are tired and refer to chill and recharge, the Wickedbone Smart Bone will take over. This toy is shaped like a bone which your dog will love. It’s interactive and designed to sense your dog’s emotions and mood. It’s made from food-grade plastic, is easy to clean and has a great battery life. 


3. The Original “Did you Feed the Dog?”


Image Source: Amazon

With so many chores to complete during the day, you often switch to autopilot. As such, you may not remember completing some tasks like feeding your dog. With this Original device, you can keep track of feeding times, and use it to teach kids responsibility. It’s a simple plastic device needing no batteries and can be mounted anywhere in the house. Silver means ‘not fed’, and green means ‘fed.’


4. MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle


Image Source: Amazon

Going on a walk, hike, or a full-blown adventure with your pup is an excellent way to bond, get some fresh air and the much-needed exercise. But the downside is there isn’t always clean water for your dog to drink. With the MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle, you can rehydrate your dog anywhere. The bottle is leak-proof, wastes no water and travel friendly. 


5. Aquapaw Slow Treater for Pet Bathing


Image Source: Amazon

Your dog is always around your kids, bed, and furniture and in the kitchen. Keeping him clean is a priority, yet it’s always a struggle. Luckily, with the Aquapaw Slow Treater Treat Dispensing Mat, you can keep your dog busy with their favourite treat as you do the cleaning and grooming. Stick the dispensing mat to the wall, smear it with peanut butter and you are set.

What is your pet’s name? And what unique product have you gifted it so far? If you haven’t gotten it anything recently, or even if you have, it won’t hurt adding more to the list. Check out more fun pet products in some of the best online shopping websites in Lebanon. 

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